Mailing Address:

Cradle of Hope

1657 The Fairway  #140

Jenkintown, PA 19046

Women who are 18 years of age or older who are pregnant or mothers of children ages 0-24 months who are seeking housing can contact Cradle of Hope at 215-572-5937.

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Volunteer Opportunities  


Volunteers perform a variety of tasks, depending on their skills and interests!


Some examples of volunteer activities are: babysitting, tutoring the mothers, giving rides to job interviews, doctor’s visits, and food stores, helping with the lawn/yard maintenance, supervising the children during evening workshops, and/or helping with fundraising activities. Volunteers can also sort clothing and organize donations, and supervise the children while the mothers cook and do chores. 

Our biggest volunteer needs at this time are house maintenance and babysitting for evening workshops.  If you are a handyman and are able to volunteer your time and skills- you are needed! 

You can volunteer at Cradle of Hope by calling our Director, Rachel Mullelly at 215-572-5937 or by e-mailing her at